Independence Day is just around the corner, and dressing patriotically is definitely a ritual of mine. I'm excited to share on Fox 10 this coming Sunday, July 3rd at 7:20am how to dress for the holiday without looking like a walking flag. I'll be sharing tips for women, kids and men. 


I think men are the ones that always shy away from dressing patriotically. Jeans are a bit too hot, so there goes their blue option, right? Wrong! This year, try a navy and white striped t-shirt (what guy doesn't love a t-shirt) and red chinos. 

Okay, so maybe he won't wear red chinos, but blue chambray shorts could work too. Add some red with a watch or even a handkerchief tucked in a back pocket. It doesn't need to be obvious. More this Sunday!

All clothes from, photos by Rennai Hoefer.