The Boys Call Me Al


I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Wisconsin where my dad taught me how to hunt and fish. I became a pro at calling in the ducks and didn't even flinch at grabbing earthworms and tying them to my fishing hook. My dad never wished he had a son because he got a tomboy daughter who didn't mind getting dirty camping. alweb2

Back then I could have cared less about the world of fashion. Clothes just kept me from running around naked. In fact, I wore a uniform of baggy shirts and shorts for almost eight years. It was only on Saturday mornings that you would find me in a leotard and tights for ballet class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I remember a lot of my boy friends would call me Al, as well as my cousins in New Hampshire who all equally love the outdoors.


I don't hear the name Al all that often anymore, but I have definitely kept my tomboyish spirit. Most days my husband and I wear button down shirts and jeans as if I am trying to match him. If I didn't love to wear makeup, had long hair and boobs I could totally pass as a man. haha. I also still love getting away in nature and don't mind getting dirty. I love my tomboy side that is playful and carefree, and it's something that I hope my daughter gets from me too.


Photo by Gina Meola; Makeup by SN Makeup Artist; Hair by Kim Cornwell; Styling by AVE Styles