The Boys Call Me Al


I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Wisconsin where my dad taught me how to hunt and fish. I became a pro at calling in the ducks and didn't even flinch at grabbing earthworms and tying them to my fishing hook. My dad never wished he had a son because he got a tomboy daughter who didn't mind getting dirty camping. alweb2

Back then I could have cared less about the world of fashion. Clothes just kept me from running around naked. In fact, I wore a uniform of baggy shirts and shorts for almost eight years. It was only on Saturday mornings that you would find me in a leotard and tights for ballet class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I remember a lot of my boy friends would call me Al, as well as my cousins in New Hampshire who all equally love the outdoors.


I don't hear the name Al all that often anymore, but I have definitely kept my tomboyish spirit. Most days my husband and I wear button down shirts and jeans as if I am trying to match him. If I didn't love to wear makeup, had long hair and boobs I could totally pass as a man. haha. I also still love getting away in nature and don't mind getting dirty. I love my tomboy side that is playful and carefree, and it's something that I hope my daughter gets from me too.


Photo by Gina Meola; Makeup by SN Makeup Artist; Hair by Kim Cornwell; Styling by AVE Styles

Tomboy Styled Shoot

I always love sharing new projects with you. This is a shoot featuring some fall tomboy style. I personally relate a lot to the outfits in this project. Actually, a lot of the items are from my closet, as well as some thrifted pieces from Buffalo Exchange. If you haven't been to that place go right now! You can find so many great deals. _DSC5792 96 (1)

Getting to work with Stephanie Neiheisel and Mark Morgan is always a treat because they are amazing at what they do. You may notice a familiar face in these photos. This is Cristina Irimiciuc from FORD RBA. She modeled in the Fall Flux photo shoot that I'm still in love with to this day. She has such a Kate Moss quality to her. I adore working with this team!

_DSC5682 96

I really wanted to portray that you can carry this style into the office, to parties and on the weekends. You can also add a bit of femininity with some makeup and shoes.

_DSC5623 96

I hope you love the project!

_DSC5801 96webready3


Photography by Mark Morgan Wardrobe Styling by Alexandra Evjen Makeup and hair by Stephanie Neiheisel Modeling by Cristina Irimiciuc

Tomboy Lovin'

When asked the question, "Katharine Hepburn vs. Audrey Hepburn," I always go for team Katharine. I remember when I learned that she was one of the first actresses to wear pants on screen, and I thought, "I like this woman! She has guts!" Now, don't get me wrong. I wear dresses and I have my girly moments, but in general, it's more of a costume "dress up" thing for me. My CORE style and what I wear on a daily basis is more relaxed.

I've always had a harder time embracing my curves and femininity. Instead, I always wish I didn't have boobs, and I'm glad I don't have hips. I just like the tomboy all-American look. I have no idea why, but I really align myself with that style. Even in home decor, you will not find much femininity, and instead a lot of androgyny.

And now that you know a little bit about me, my style, and my favorite old Hollywood film star, I'd love to share some style inspiration of people and designers that are also inspired by this look too.

What about you? Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

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