Fashion on Display - Behind the Scenes

In case you didn't see yesterday's post, a fashion shoot collaboration that I was a part of has been featured in the latest issue of Meuse Magazine. I'm definitely still celebrating over here, and I wanted to share with you some behind the scenes shots of the process. (photos by Elizabeth Langford).

The shoot took place in a small window display of an art gallery in Downtown Mesa, Arizona. We basically were given a blank slate to work with, and brought it all to life using the interior design talents of Christina Brian.

We created about three different sets, which took about an hour preparation for each one. All of the team members really pitched in to make it happen as quickly as possible.

The shoot took place at the beginning of fall, so it was still pretty hot in Arizona. It didn't help to be in a non-ventilated space filled with sun light. I think we got a bit slap happy.

Thanks to a salon and boutique in one, Adorn Style Lounge, we were able to prep the model and change her outfits next door. Once Morgan was ready to start modeling we had to place her behind the glass, which posed a bit of a communication struggle. Let's just say Michelle and I used a LOT of faux sign language. haha!

We made sure to photograph every little detail because you never know what a publication is going to look for and need for their layouts.

If you are ever curious of what I look like when I'm hard at work, it looks a little something like this...

That is my analytical pose. haha. And, apparently I like to accessorize with rolls of masking tape.

Lessons learned from this shoot:

1. Set designers and prop stylists add so much dimension to a photo shoot. Can't wait to work with more.

2. Sticking a model in a glass box definitely makes it hard to communicate and fix the clothes when needed.

3. Working with a wonderful team of people committed to a vision can give you so much more than you imagined.

photographer // Michelle Herrick //
wardrobe stylist // Alex Evjen //
model // Morgan Kaiser //
hair & make up // Brittany & Cami //
set design // Christina Brian //
photography assistant // Elizabeth Langford //
wardrobe provided by //
Meuse Magazine //

Behind the Scenes - Bridal Shoot

After almost two months of planning with AMAZING people (Melissa Jill Photography, Outstanding Occasions, Camelback Flower Shop, The W Scottsdale, Mariee Gallery, Saks Fifth Avenue, Idieh Design, Classic Cakes and Confections and Classic Party Rentals), we finally had our awesome bridal shoot this week More details to come, but for now here are some behind the scenes pics! Oh, and check out the fabulous models from Agency AZ - Tyler Payne and Drue Maggetti. GORGE!

Behind the Scenes of Fashion Styling

Everyone has their first day of work. I remember mine. It was for the Rock 'n Roll bride concept. I had been the subject of photos, but never had been on the other side of the camera - picking out clothes and putting things together...It definitely was intimidating not knowing what to expect, but it was the BIGGEST rush of adrenaline. Watch out! You can get hooked on that stuff because that's exactly what happened to me.

All of a stylist's work is done ahead of time, so when the day of the photo shoot arrives, all you really need to worry about is whether things are wrinkled or missing. It's pretty much a big party for me most of the time.

A rustle of the dress here, a tug of the shirt there and sometimes a dab of blush or a flip of the hair, but most of the time you're sitting on the sidelines making everyone laugh and using your critical eye to help the photographer see things that they can't.

There's nothing I like better than being in the moment of a photo shoot and seeing my hard work come alive right in front of me. Well...I also like getting emails with the zip files packaged up nice and tidy and unwrapping the gorgeous goodness of fashion...So, I would say they are equally awesome. =)

Here are some behind the scene pics of me at work. Oh, and a little tip to those that are pursuing fashion styling, don't dress to the nines when it comes to what you're going to wear the day of the shoot. Just wear what is comfortable and what you can MOVE in.

I'm always open to answering questions about things I've learned along the way, so feel free to ask!