Iconic Shoes

l.a.gearSorry, I haven't blogged in awhile...Ryan and I got our first puppy - a golden doodle named Wendy. She's quite a handful, but thankfully I have a group of family and friends that are helping us out as we adjust. Anyhoo, I was singing this past Sunday with my friend Brian, and he had on some awesome gold and black high tops. It just got me thinking about some iconic shoes that have started some serious trends.

Some of them have made their way back already and some are coming back stronger next year. Chucks have been going strong for awhile now since rockers and indies have brought them back. Dr.Martens were featured on Sienna Miller in Nylon last month, and I'm sure they will be bigger this fall and into 2010. Jellies came back this summer and I'm sure we'll see them next year too. High tops are also going to be a lot bigger in 2010...

Here are some shoes that came to my mind when thinking of "iconic shoes." Am I missing any other shoe brand? Have you worn most of these? I've worn all but the Jordans. =)