What to Wear to A Concert


Ryan surprised me with tickets to see Beyonce and Jay-Z for my birthday. I am counting down the days until the big show. Since the we are headed out of town to go see it in a couple of weeks, I have started to think about what I would wear. I'm a planner. What can I say? Sequins, leather and jewels. Those are the three things that I would make sure to wear (all or just one) when headed to a pop music concert. Just think if you were performing for the show and then maybe tone it down a couple notches. I mean, let's be real, you still have to be comfortable for a three hour show.


Jackets are nice if it's cold in an air conditioned building. This one is from H&M. This GAP chambray shirt is super soft and comfy, especially when untucked. I chose a shoe with ankle straps and a lower heel so that I could walk a long way to the parking lot.

My skirt is from Haute Rogue and is sparkly and very comfortable to wear. A lot of people say sequins can irritate, but this skirt has a nice, stretchy lining that keeps the sequins from scratching and allows me to move.


I layered a couple statement necklaces for some added bling. You can check out my friend Summer's article on how to wear a statement necklace  for some other ideas on how to incorporate bling into your wardrobe.

Tell me, what is  your ideal concert outfit?

Photos by Amy Frances Photography