Menswear Monday - What NOT to Wear

So, I just finished my first fashion police column for Sonoran Living, and I got to thinking that I should definitely do a post on what's no longer in style for men. Granted, everyone is entitled to express themselves in their own way, but there are certain things you should avoid at the moment unless you want to look dated. They are as follows...

I don't even know if there's a name for this type of dress shirt. Just stay away from swirly designs, embroidery, paisley prints and anything that looks like it could be wallpaper.

Faded jeans, especially ones with lines and have holes in them are dated. The look right now is clean and classic. Keep it simple.

T-shirts will always be in, but ones with this type of print are dated. Again, keep it simple.

Wearing these type of shoes with your jeans and a paisley dress shirt is SOOOOO dated. Please keep your dress shoes with your dressy attire and rock some casual loafers instead.

I know that I can speak on behalf of all women when I say, "We're tired of smelling Curve for Men!" We all probably have an ex-boyfriend or love interest by now that has worn this fragrance. So, unless you want women to associate you with their old love interests, I suggest you stop wearing this cologne, go to Sephora and try some new ones.

Kiss anything and everything Ed Hardy good-bye! If you want to associate yourself with Jon Gosselin then keep wearing it. Otherwise, take it to the consignment shop.