This post is sponsored by eBay.

The first online purchase that I ever witnessed was my mom using with a dial-up connection to buy a handbag. It marked the dawn of online shopping for me, and the powerhouse retail site still remains a trusted online resource to find anything and everything I want and need, especially when it comes to unique items. So when I began my hunt for velvet shoes, I went to eBay to find what I was looking for.  


80% of what is sold on eBay is brand new, and I knew I would find every style and color on eBay. Sure enough I was right. I have become obsessed with the color of merlot for fall, and all I had to was search "red velvet shoes" and the heels of my dreams popped up. Move over Dorothy! Those ruby shoes have nothing on these velvet mary-janes from Barneys New York.


They are totally impractical and a very trendy item, but they are one of those splurges that you just have to do because you love a pair of shoes THAT much. There's just something about this color for me that makes me want to have a wine colored piece of clothing in every shape. I'm not sure if I'll stop at these shoes, but I can guarantee you I'll probably go back to eBay to find a coat, a hat and a dress too. 


If you're thinking about buying these shoes too, I would recommend going up a whole size. They run pretty small. You can purchase the shoes in a blink of an eye using their "buy it now" feature. Plus, most items have free shipping. I got my shoes to my doorstep in 72 hours. So, if you're hunting for something to wear while brunchin' this Sunday, be sure to shop now!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer