Done and Done

alex031Well, I'm finally done. I've submitted my admissions packet and what happens, happens. I owe all my friends and family a big, "THANK YOU!" This step is huge for me and I couldn't have done it without them! Read one to see images of my final project! For my FIDM admissions project I had to generate an imaginary business, choose a target audience and modify designs coming off the runway for this imaginary company. Some of the fashion sketches are a bit pixelated, but it'll have to do. I wouldn't say that my designs are super innovative by any means, they are just marketable, simple designs for this specific, imaginary company.

This process has shown me how out of practice you can become if you don't exercise your sketching skills. Dealing with my perfectionism was another hurdle too. So, I'm just glad I finished and turned it in regardless of whether or not it's 'cutting edge.'

I'll keep you all posted as to what happens next! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my blog and these images...


Fashion Faces

michaelkorsSo, I've finally finished sketching for my admissions project! YAY! Margarita anyone? I will post my sketches as soon as I send in my project. (I've got to avoid those copycats). Anyway, the main reason it took me a long time to finish was because of my perfectionist personality and stressing about my "fashion faces." I don't put eyes on my models. Just hair and lips (no hair on lips either). haha. I was worried that it may come across as incomplete and then I saw that famous designers do that all of the time. Check out the fashion sketches that were sent to the First Lady, Michelle Obama. chaneldvfsketchisaacmizrahimoniquelhuilliersketchnicolemiller

Fashion Sketches


So, I've been working on my admissions project, and I must say, I've been feeling a bit discouraged. I thought that I could just jump right in and start sketching just like I never stopped some years ago...Not the case. It's definitely something I'm out of practice with and have to do daily to get my chops back. So, as I add to my notebook daily, I've decided to also get some insipiration from other artists out there. Here is one group of sketches I adore! The artist is Sandra Suy. I like how she brings to life elements of her drawings by using splashes of color, and at the same time, is very detailed in her sketch. What do you think?