Floral Edge


Red roses have always been my least favorite flower. For most men, they are the obvious choice to give to women for Valentine's Day and special occasions. I love the unexpected and because red roses are so common they feel a bit cheesy. Until now... View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles

Pair red roses with a muscle t-shirt, a black lace bra and sequins...That's anything but cheesy to me. Can I get an amen?!


Alejandra called me up randomly just before the new year and asked if I wanted to style something for fun. Stephanie, our mutual goddess- friend and makeup artist go-to, was going to model and be Ale's muse. All Ale told me was that she wanted to use some colored film she had left and photograph a graphic t-shirt and a floral crown together.

The hard and soft juxtaposition does it again! All I could think about was a black lace bra underneath a graphic muscle t, and sure enough Steph had found the perfect one at Nordstroms. Pair that with a sequin skirt also found and Nordstrom's and BAM! Magic!

View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles

I also brought a lace kimono and a black lace bralette to the location. Steph has impeccable style and just happened to have the perfect floral pencil skirt and leather pants to complete two other looks. The kicker though was the red floral crown that Ale just happened to have lying in her closet. The red flowers paired with Steph's perfect red lip was perfection!

View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles

Sometimes the best stuff just happens on the fly. This project had to have been the easiest styling gig I've ever had and one of the most fun sessions I've ever been a part of. Three girls, all friends, ooo-ing and ahh-ing over creating beautiful imagery. It can't get any better!

View More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestylesView More: http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles

To see a glimpse of this shoot in motion head on over to my Instagram, click here.

Photos by Ale Vidal Hair, makeup and modeling by Stephanie Neiheisel Styling by Alex Evjen