Part 1 - Equestrian Glam Shoot

A week ago today, I was on location with hair stylist Kim Cornwell, model Amaris Kress and the very talented Jason Williams of Session Nine Photography executing one heck of a dream child photo shoot inspired by equestrian styles and 1940's hair and makeup.

This shoot came to be because my dear, gorgeous friend Amaris was planning to visit Arizona, and I knew that I needed to take advantage of her time here by having her in a photo shoot. The Williams and I have been wanting to collaborate on a fashion shoot for awhile, and whenever Kim and I get together it's magic. Plus, I decided that in addition to styling the fashion, I would try my hand at being a makeup artist. =)

The idea of equestrian glam came from Amaris' love of horses and my love of 40's beauty, not to mention we both had clothes that went along with the idea. Being a new stylist, I don't have the money to just go buy clothes for shoots, so I just work with what I have and/or the model has.

So, for every shoot, the team starts off with a lot inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, and I wanted to share this part with you because I've learned from my Promise that sharing your process is a good way to give back to the creative community.

That said, enjoy AND stay tuned for the big reveal of the shoot!!!