2012 DIY Home Decor Goals

I'm a face paced, task oriented person. In other words, I like to get things done and I like to do it quickly. I'm that person that always needs to be reminded to stop and smell the roses, but still doesn't even when reminded. Heck, I hate even pausing to go to the bathroom when I'm in the middle of a project! It's just plain annoying if you ask me. I don't think I've ever gone to the bathroom in the middle of a shoot or fashion show. EVER! All of this to say that owning a home sure has tested this part of my personality. I just want to be able to do everything I'm dreaming about now, and then sit back and enjoy it once it's finished. However, that's just not reality unless you have a never ending supply of money.

So, to get my fix of accomplishment and progress while avoiding the destruction of my bank account, I've come up with a 2012 DIY Home Decor Goal list because of course I'm also addicting to lists and checking things off.

JANUARY Paint my office, bedroom and hallway white.

FEBRUARY Build slat headboard for bedroom

March Paint my doors and windows black in my office and kitchen

APRIL Level the dirt in the backyard, install the sprinkler system and plant grass.

MAY Build a fauxdenza

JUNE Install art hanging system and create art work for kitchen.

JULY Create the family photo wall in the hallway and turn my mini library into a mess.

AUGUST Rip out the carpet in the office and bedroom. Stain and seal the concrete.

SEPTEMBER Change the mirrors in the master bathroom, paint the bathroom cabinets and get hardware for the cabinets

OCTOBER Find cool area rugs for the office and master bedroom

NOVEMBER Build a floating desk for the office.

DECEMBER Get new bedding for the master bedroom.


This is obviously an ambitious and possibly expensive list. But I have some DIY money saving tricks up my sleeve, and a load of paint left over from painting done earlier this year. =) Stay tuned for DIY updates in the new year.

Photos: Lyla & Blu, Dust Jacket Attic, The Brick House, The New York Times, The Brick House, Pottery Barn, Poppy Talk, Life in Grace, Unplggd