Scrambling to throw together a costume for your friend's last minute Halloween party? Maybe you've been so focused on getting the kids' costumes together that you've completely forgotten about your own? Whatever the case, Halloween has definitely snuck up on us here at AVE Styles. While store bought costumes are simple, they never look as good as they do in the photos on the bag. Sometimes they're just plain scary. Nothing beats getting creative and crafting your own look for the evening, and we knew just where to head to do so. My assistant, Leah, and I ran to our local Savers and found a treasure trove of costumes.

While we assumed that we'd be too late and the store might be picked over, it was quite the opposite. The store had an abundance of Halloween costumes and an array of accessories very neatly organized. After a little digging, we decided on two costumes each. In fact, our choices came as no surprise because they involve two of our favorite things: social media and coffee! LOL. Here are our last minute costume ideas, featuring both new and used merchandise straight from the racks of Savers:


Of course I wanted to be Pinterest for Halloween! It only makes sense, right? This costume was a piece of cake to make. I found a plain red shift dress at Savers, printed out a big Pinterest logo, and simply hot glued it to the dress. Add a "Pin it" button and there you have it!


Sticking with the social media theme, Leah decided to be Snapchat. She found the most perfect felt ghost headband at Savers along with her bright yellow dress. All she had to add was a print out of her Snapchat ghost, which is actually a QR code meaning she can walk around the party and have people add her on the app with the snap of a photo!

Starbucks Frappucino: 

I am at Starbucks on the daily. Seriously. Which means my friends will get a kick out of it when they see me dressed as this Starbucks frapp! I picked up the mocha colored dress, green sash, and white feather boa at Savers. Next I printed out the logo, glued it to the sash, and cinched in the waist of the dress. Lastly, the outfit wouldn't be complete without the notorious green Starbucks straw. For this I rolled a piece of green card stock into a tube, made two slits in the bottom, and slid a headband through. Voilà!

Emoji Unicorn: 

This last costume was actually inspired by the latest Apple iOS 9.1 update that was released this past week in which Apple added 150+ new emojis, including a unicorn! Among the other fun new emojis are a taco, champagne bottle, and some cute new furry friends. (All of these could make great costumes, too.) The unicorn was especially simple because all it really required was the accessories. The unicorn headband, rainbow tail, and pink wig were all purchased new at Savers. Leah also found a great rhinestone choker to add some bling, because unicorns obviously need bling... She dressed in all white, added a pink belt and pink lipstick, and rolled on an excessive amount of body glitter for kicks and giggles. This costume could easily be turned into a couples costume with a partner dressed as the emoji princess. How cute is that!?

If you need more ideas, Savers has put together a great inspiration board, to help spark some Halloween creativity. Happy thrifting!

This post is sponsored by Savers.