A New Avenue

At the very end of 2009, I left all of you with, basically, a big question mark as to where my future in the fashion industry was headed. School, for the most part, is out of the picture. However, that is NOT going to stop me from doing what I feel I have been "called" to do. In fact, continually ignoring this passion seems like it's almost in direct disobedience to my soul. So, what am I going to do? Well, I would like to become a stylist/image consultant/personal shopper to the average man or woman. Without recognizing it, this is a service that I have done for my friends and family since the age of 13. From applying wedding makeup to telling my mom she had too much black in her closet, my fashion advice has been flowing freely.

It energizes me to think about making your closet organized, making your shopping experience enjoyable, creating outfits that express who you are with the clothes that you stare at every morning while saying, "I have nothing to wear," helping your confidence shine with flattering makeup and/or helping you venture out into other styles that you have always admired but thought that you could never pull off.

So, in order to do this I need something from you. I need you to take one minute to answer ten questions. If you are feeling extra generous, I would love for you to pass this survey along to your friends and family. It doesn't matter if you live in Arizona or not. I would just like to get a feel of whether or not people would be interested in this service.

Okay...ready...set....go! Click here to take survey