Waterfront Style


There's something about being close to water that makes you feel free and relaxed. I live in a desert, so Tempe Town Lake is as close as I can get without driving several hours to California. When I hear the sound of the water and the wind blowing it makes all of life's stresses melt away. SONY DSC

I went and visited last week to take some fashion photos of my new favorite maxi dress from Bar III. This dress is the perfect shade of green, and it's so comfortable. I feel like it was designed for an elegant night on the waterfront. I accessorized it with lavender wedges from Shoe Dazzle, as well as metallic fringe bag, silver necklace and Tom Ford shades from Alixandra Collections.


Though it will be several months before I get to spend time on the Atlantic Ocean, my stylish time on the lake was enough to satisfy my cravings for the water.


Photos by Liz E. Studio; dress from Macy's; accessories from Alixandra Collections; shoes from Shoe Dazzle.