Long over long. Short over long. Tank over top. Dress over pants. Layering is a big trend for 2017, and I think we have Star Wars Jedi, Rey, to thank. I am especially excited for this trend for a couple reasons:

1. Layers are extremely functional for Arizona weather. We start in the 40's and end up in the 70's during our winter season. I'm constantly shedding layers and then adding them back on by the end of the day, but it's much better than being really cold for half of the day. 

2. I love this trend because of the amount of comfort and modesty it brings. I can wear a dress over my jeans and call it good. Lately, this ensemble of wearing my black jumpsuit over my t-shirt with a wrap has been on rotation. 

I haven't worn this jumpsuit in three years mainly because it's cut too low for me to wear a bra with it or bend down to play with my kids. Hooray for layers!

If you're nervous to wear layers because it may add volume to your silhouette try to find pieces that still give you a waistline like this romper or be sure to add a structured jacket on top like this denim one.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer