Long Skirts

The 2011 Fall Fashion frenzy is happening on runways all around the world this month, and one style trend that is clear is the long skirt has made its way back onto the fashion scene.

We haven't seen this length of skirt make a full return since the 90's, so I guess it's about time. However, I'm not that thrilled. Only one body type can really wear this style - tall, thin boyish figures (a.k.a. models). If you're over 5' 8" you are going to struggle to find skirts that are long enough, and if you're under 5' 6" you are going to have a hard time finding skirts that don't need alterations. At least with pants department stores and trendy places like GAP have caught onto the idea of offering ankle, regular and tall lengths. I guarantee you that won't be the case with these skirts.

If you decide to embark on this "new" trend, pick skirts that are close to your body and sit at your natural waist. Tuck your blouse into your skirt and accessorize with a belt.

Images found via The Vogue Diaries, The Gloss, and FashionWorldz.com.