Menswear Monday: The Summer Uniform, Part 3

The Slip-Ons Zuriick Ake in plumSince Alex has already ably discussed boat shoes, let’s get your dogs into something a little more casual.  The whole goal of this series is to be 1) comfortable 2) effortless and 3) stylish, pretty much in that order.  These elements should become outfits simply by grabbing a pair of pants, a shirt and shoes, nothing more.

Shoes don’t get any easier than slip-ons.  After all the effort your mom spent on teaching you to tie your shoes, forgo that effort and slide into something with elastic instead of laces.  The color can be basic, like these Vans Classics, or more flashy like the Zuriick Ake.

This is where you get to bring some color and character into the previously monochrome proceedings.  Patterns and stripes are definitely in-bounds.  For some real individualized style, Vans and Converse both offer customizable slip ons, in the aforementioned Classic and timeless Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell styles, respectively. - Rob Hays

Harvard & Fashion

harvard-yard-harvard-univ-240bsc081009Harvard University has started a fashion line called Harvard Yard headed up by Verus Group. They are launching a men's line in 2010 with a women's line following. Since I adore all things preppy, I'm pretty excited about this. This does pose the question, "What would Arizona State's fashion line look like?" Hmmm... harvard-yard-launch-240bsc081009harvard-yard-harvard-univ-240bsc081009