LIV Designs

I got to spend some quality time with my parents over the weekend, which included sitting down with my mom and designing my own bracelet that incorporates real coral from her fabulous bead collection.

My mom is a brilliant lady that has recently tapped back into her crafty side. Starting in high school, she made all of her own clothes, and once I was born, all of mine. Recently, she has started to create beautiful, chunky statement bracelets.

They are SO beautiful that a couple of boutiques are already selling LIV Designs (her initials). An Etsy site is going to pop up shortly. I'll update all of you when that's ready, but for now you can enjoy some of my design skills. haha.

Sedona, AZ inspired my color choices of this bracelet. When I wear it I'll always remember my mother-daughter craft time in Sedona. Love you, Mom!