Polkadots & Pearls


When at Alt Summit dress to stand out. This is something that I have learned over the years. The outfits at Alt are always top notch, oozing with creativity and style. There definitely is an unspoken pressure to showcase your personal style, and so I decided to pack my fluorescent orange skirt for one of my outfits. I am literally a walking traffic cone, but I LOVE it! When you need to stand out and have brands notice you count on neon to do it. AveStyles-7blogAveStyles-3blog

Also, mixing patterns is always a great way to express creativity. I decided to mix my polkadot cropped sweater with my damask orange skirt to create a more dynamic outfit. (Check out my earlier post where I paired my skirt with leather). A touch of pearls and a chambray shirt underneath gave a feminine and preppy element, but it wouldn't feel like "Alex" with out a little edge. My open-toe leather shooties (get similar ones here) did just that. Of course, you could pair a classic pointy toe pump with this outfit and continue to the classic vibe, but why be predictable? I'm wearing neon orange after all.


Photos by the AMAZING portrait photographer Sarah Deragon. 


Merry & Bright Christmas


Christmas is almost here. Only four more days until the family is together eating delicious food, laughing at each other, watching kids open gifts...I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year mostly because it's the season of hope, and where would we be without hope? MelissaJill_15blog

New beginnings are just around the corner, and 2015 will be a new year of peace and simplicity. More on that soon, but for now may your Christmas be merry and as bright as this neon skirt.


Get the look: Neon skirt from Nove Boutique, leather top from Bailey 44, boots by Matt Bernson.


Photos by Melissa Jill Photography

My Fitness Fashion


This post has been a long time coming. When I started my thirty thriving challenge and step foot in Mountainside Fitness I quickly learned that the fitness world has it's own rules of fashion that I knew nothing about. Last time I went to the gym it was fine to wear a baggy t-shirt, running shorts and boring running shoes. That was over seven years ago (yes, that's how long it has been since I worked out at a gym). From what I have observed, fitness fashion is all about bright colors, form-fitting silhouettes and shoes to match your outfit. I rarely see a t-shirt. Tank tops seem to dominate the scene. I also don't see very many shorts. Instead, I see leggings, tight capris and spandex shorts. For ladies that have yet to loose the giggle this is a VERY intimidating fashion trend.

I have heard about the cool styles of Lulu Lemon, but I don't have the cash for it. I have yet to step foot in the store. I tried a couple brands at Nordstrom Rack, but wasn't really sure what I should be looking for. Thank goodness for Albion Fit. I found out about them through my friend Summer and again at Alt Summit. They are a fitness and swimwear company that seeks provide luxurious, flattering and hassle-free fitness apparel to women.

Everything they create is modest and functional. When you put on a pair of their pants it sucks and smooths everything on your body. They are super thick so I don't have to worry about them being see-through.


I could wear these black, go-capris every time I workout. They live up to their name, and go with everything. Not to mention, they are SUPER comfortable.


When I'm feeling a bit wild and spunky I love these go-long leggings in papaya. I like to think I'm channeling an inner Michael Jackson when I wear them (hehe).


For cooler days, cloudy skies and moments when I want to curl up in comfort, this is my go-to hoodie. The color is so refreshing in a see of gray and black hoodies. Albion has other great color options too. Plus, the little details like these thumb holes remind you that you are getting quality design.


I've realized my fitness style is first about comfort and function. From there I prefer to throw in a bit of edge and colors that I feel are flattering. Neon tends to make me look a bit more tan, which is a plus. I love graphic muscle-t's like this Marilyn one from Target that are long enough and a bit loose for comfort.


At the end of the day it's about just getting your butt to the gym. For me, knowing that have a great gym outfit gives me a bit more confidence when I head out the door, especially if I know I have to run errands afterwards. Figure out what is best for you and do that. The gym has become a place for "alex time." I look forward to it every week. If fashion is motivator for you to workout more, go check out Albion Fit.

Get the looks: #1 Marilyn tank (in stores at Target), neon sports bra, black capri pants and shoes #2 Marilyn tank (in stores at Target), neon bra, red leggings and shoes #3 Blue hoodie, black capris and shoes

Photos by Amy Frances Photography *This post is sponsored by Albion Fit.*