One Piece Three Ways

It's about time that I actually did some how-to style posts don't you think? My good friend Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design approached me with the idea of using one piece of clothing in three different looks. So, I took her up on the idea. She came over to my house with a suitcase of clothes and asked me to work my magic with what she brought.

The piece that her three outfits revolve around is an awesome dusty coral blazer. I'm going to do my best to explain the inter-workings of my mind. haha. I hope you find it helpful.

Oh, and a little side note...I took the pictures of Alejandra! Maybe there's a bit of a photographer in me after all.


First up is a spring transitional look. I paired the blazer with an oxford button-down, so the top part of the outfit looks very classic and sophisticated. However, I juxtaposed tattered shorts and booties for some easy edge. Opposites do attract!

For her next look, I grabbed a gold sequined top, black skinny jeans and some black "wow factor" shoes.

This outfit fits with Alejandra's personality the most. She loves a bit of sparkle and a bit of edge in everything.

Gold is a really hot color right now and preferred over silver in the fashion world. So, if you see something gold grab it.

This outfit would be great for drinks and dinner with friends or a date night. It's a great balance of femininity and boldness.

Her last look is perfect for client meetings, but isn't boring in the slightest.

I saw this beautiful pastel dress she had, and it looked lovely with the blazer, but it needed a bit more. With the addition of the navy cardigan and belt, the outfit was taken to the next level. Without the sweater it would be a great summer look, but not the best to wear right now.

In this season of fashion it's all about mixing and matching patterns (you can read about it here), so I thought her round-toe leopard pumps were perfect. The brown tones still fit into the color equation.

You could even add some knit tights to this look to make it work for winter.

Check out Alejandra's post about her experience being styled by me, and how it felt to be put in outfits she would never put together herself.

Also, tomorrow I'll showcase some outfits I put together for myself. Yep, I'm in front of the camera this time. eek!