Treasured Photos of Our Marriage


Ryan and I have been together for 10 years, and have been married for seven. We have a lot of photos that we treasure, but none more than these I am sharing with you today. Why? Because love is hard. It's raw. It's commitment. It's work. It's sacrifice. It's a choice. These are photos that symbolize our continued commitment to each other.


After seven years of marriage we have recently decided to have an AMAZING marriage, and not just one where we exist as life partners, one of true intimacy - not being afraid to share the ugly and support one another through it. This year has been a hard one for us, but I'm thankful for it because it has brought us closer in a way we have never known until now.


Ryan took me away to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday and to also set time aside for us. It was an amazing and special time to say the least. One of the things we got to do while we were there was have our photos taken by Gina Meola and Marcus Murphy - two dear friends of ours that also happen to be brilliant photographers.


We had dinner with them, prayed with them and then took in the most breathtaking views while they snapped pictures of me and Ryan. It brings me to tears to know that these photos were taken by the hands of two people that love us, pray for us and support us.


Engagement photos are sweet and beautiful, wedding photos are momentous and seven year marriage photos are empowering. I encourage all couples that haven't taken photo of JUST them (not family photos) after seven years to do it. You need to celebrate how far you have come since day one of "I do."


Photos  by Gina Meola

Holidays & Family

This week I have retreated to Sedona, Arizona to relax, collect my thoughts, prepare for 2012 and spend quality time with my parents.


I look forward to this week every year because I'm forced to be still and take life slowly up in the mountains where there is nothing to do other than hike and marvel at nature.

Today I spent about two hours alone just looking through old family photo albums. I wanted to find some great pictures of my family to put on my family photo wall (one of my home DIY goals of 2012). It was a simple and powerful reminder of the love, hard work and laughter I come from. It was also motivation to continue to work hard at what I do to provide for my own family.

Do you carve out time to plan and set goals before the new year? Or maybe just reflect on what this past year has brought you?


Fashion Photo Inspiration

natashapoly02frenchvoguefeb2005gx7I've come across a lot of great fashion photography this past week. As I collect what inspires me, I'm noticing themes in my style and taste and what overall attracts me...words like natural, ethereal and comfortable come to mind. What about you? If you could some up your taste what words would you use?crazy haircut copie copiehmdividedPicture 57natashapoly02frenchvoguefeb2005gx7 3685314868_0df8623ebf_ocatherine-malandrino-0703bsc-425dd copieerik_johansson