Rock 'n Roll Bridal Shoot

You guys don't know how LONG I have been waiting to post this photo shoot....SINCE JUNE my friends! But now, I'm SOOOO excited to reveal all of the hard work that took place back in the 100 degree weather of Phoenix, AZ.

I was invited to style this shoot by the very talented photographer Jeanette LeBlanc. I also collaborated with Jeanette on Marie Antoinette, which came after our amazing grass roots rock 'n roll collab.

Jeanette assembled a team consisting of myself, Tina Burnham (hair stylist), Kayrene Kelley (leather designer), Lola Chevelle (model), Ella L from (Classic Cake Designs & Confections) and Patricia Eastwood (Wild Child Floral Designs). We basically knew that we wanted to create an unconventional style for the bride that still let beauty shine through. Leather, of course, was going to play a key role. =)

We hope you guys really like the photos! Let me know what you think!