Menswear Monday: The Summer Uniform, Part 5

The Oxford It’s date night, so you can’t look like a complete schlub.  Put on something with buttons, and for goodness sake, do something with your hair.  Still, just like hair gel and chest hair, wearing a loud shirt is going to make you look like a Miami Vice extra, not a regular dude.  So get basic: buy an oxford.

Cotton oxford cloth is woven loosely (compared to dress shirt poplin), making it more breathable.  So it’s ideal for warm weather.  Like khakis, they look better when they’re a little wrinkled and worn-in.

There’s nothing here to say that you need to buy a white oxford to match your white tees, but it wouldn’t hurt.  Light blue and white are the classic colors for a reason, but there are some other hues that work well, including grey, pink and yellow.  Stripes are also cool, as are contrasting white collars.

If you’re not wearing a tie, leave the collar buttons undone.   Look for one with a shorter collar if possible, so the collar points don’t get all disco fabulous when they’re spread out.  Also, since the Oxford is a pretty set style, look for cool details like contrasting cuffs and monograms to add some individuality.  If you want to get extra fancy, find a club collar; it’s an older style than the point collar, but if Ol’ Blue Eyes can rock it, then it’s definitely cool enough.

We’re particularly fond of the cuts and fabrics at Land’s End Canvas, Billy Reid, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (designed by rock star designer Thom Browne), and Gant Rugger.  Since you can dress this shirt up to wear to work, too, you add some versatility that justifies paying a little extra for quality.

- Rob Hays

Leopard. Meow!

leopardI've never owned an item that had an animal print on it. This year may be the first because I'm diggin' the leopard print. Now, I'm not really a bold print person, so I'm thinking of leopard print accents for myself. There are, however, a lot of leopard leggings, sweaters and shirts out there if you're wanting to make a big statement. So, what do you think...are you over the animal prints or are you just getting into it like me?