Pant Cuffs. What's the Trend?

Rolling or cuffing your pants has come in and out of style for many years. In the past three years we have seen really thick cuffs to tapered and rolled courtesy of Katie Holmes. But now what's the trend?

Well, the 2010 Balmain Spring line has made is apparent that skinny jeans look great with an very thin cuff - about a 1/2 inch or so. See below...

Photos via the Electric.


A year ago or so, I did a poll asking my guy friends whether they found red lipstick flattering on women. The overall consensus was that guys didn't like red lipstick and preferred natural colors. Well, after seeing these pictures and pictures of the 2011 spring fashion shows, I say, "Who cares!" Haha. If you don't find red lipstick gorgeous, you're crazy.

Spring Buns

Well, ladies, you may not want to schedule that appointment for your annual fall chop. It looks like the the Spring 2011 runways are showcasing buns left and right. I, personally, have yet to master a good messy bun, but hopefully between now and April I can figure it out.

Let me know what you think of this elegant trend.

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