Date Night Outfit

I love summer date nights. The warm breeze, beautiful brings out the California/Arizona girl in me. I usually end up wearing jeans and a nice top because jeans are comfortable, but most guys I talk to like it when a girl dresses up a bit. However, what if the date is a surprise? How do you dress for the occasion? You don't want to be over dressed and you never want to be under dressed. Here are my tips...

This outfit is perfect for any date that your boyfriend or husband may surprise you with. Pair an elegant top with a more casual skirt and black flats and you're ready to walk into a nice restaurant. Throw on a denim jacket and some classic sun glasses, and you are ready for some mini golf or an outdoor movie night.

Flats are always the way to go for dates because you can move in them easily. You never know if your date may take you for a walk on the beach or in a park...maybe even some dancing. Plus, you avoid any major difference in height.