When I'm packing for a trip I have to strongly resist the urge to pack my whole closet. I also have to resist the urge to shop for new clothes and remind myself that I have plenty of things to wear. So, as I pack today for our trip to NYC, I'm sticking with my basics. 

1. Black denim - It's comfortable, goes with everything and easy to dress up for a night out. ZARA has inexpensive denim that lasts.

2. Cotton T-shirts - They're comfortable, space saver for your carry-on, dress them up or down. My favorite place to buy them is ZARA.

3. Cross-body bag - They help keep you hands-free while you're carrying your luggage, small ones like this Fossil bag are easy to pack as well. I even can put this is in a big carry-on tote bag.

4. Shoes you can dress up or down - Walk shoes are a given when traveling, but it's shoes for the nights out that can be a challenge. I love mules and slides for this purpose because they are a more modern option than a wedge. I love these slides by Dolce Vita. 

5. Comfortable shoes - This needs no explanation really, but I usually opt for sandals in warmer months

6. LBD - It's timeless and you always know it's in style no matter what city you're in. 

7. Accessories - Tons of accessories because this is what will bring your basics to life and make you feel like you have a whole new outfit. (Mirrored sunglasses, smart watch, neckerchief, necklaces, hat). I don't mess with bracelets and rings though. They have a bad habit of getting lost on my travels.

8. Denim jacket - It's like the summer version of a black blazer. You can where it with dresses or pants and it always looks cute. My favorite denim jacket is from Target.

Shop this look below:

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; This post contains affiliate links.