This post is sponsored by Savers.

Ugly sweater parties are the best because you don't have to worry about being in style. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The more out-of-date, the uglier your outfit is the better it is. It's as if fashion didn't exist at all - it's like Christmas and Halloween combined. A couple of months ago, I partnered with Savers to create some cool Halloween looks, so naturally, I've teamed up again with them to bring you a light up ugly sweater.

You can find all sorts of things at Savers for the holidays. Christmas ornaments, lights, tinsel and definitely a lot of sweaters that make for a great ugly sweater start.

My intern, Lauren, selected this chenille, red sweater with a zipper for me. I think my mom had something like this in the 90s. It was the perfect foundation for my light up sweater. All you need to create this sweater is a battery operated light strand, a hot glue fun and some colored pom-poms.

Position your lights first to see where you want them to go. Then squirt your glue underneath each spot and lay your lights on top. I put the lights on the back not only because I wouldn't be able to get my sweater on with the cables across the front, but because the battery pack could easily fit in my pocket that way.


I don't know if you can tell, but the sweater says "joy" in cursive. Haha, but either way it sure looks cheery with flashing lights. It's definitely a hit with the kids to say the least. Be sure to visit Savers for all of your last minute Christmas needs from decorations to ugly sweaters!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


This is the last weekend of Christmas parties. Can you believe it? If you happen to be attending an ugly sweater party or if your child is having a Christmas party at school here are two fast DIY Christmas sweater you can make. 


All you need is a sweater from Savers, a hot glue gun, your decoration of choice (red pom-poms or silver tinsel work great) and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Heat up your glue gun and lay your sweater flat on the table.

Step 2: Cut your tinsel to size and place on your sweater. If you're using pom-poms lay out where you would like them to go first. 

Step 3: Squirt the glue onto the sweater and then place your decoration on top.

Step 4: Let stand for 15-20 minutes to ensure the glue is dry.

Step 5: Get dressed for your party!

This post is sponsored by Savers; photos by Rennai Hoefer.