What to Wear - Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Black and white or poppin' pastels? Dress slacks or comfy pants? Winter scarf or silk ascot? Turtleneck or V-neck? Summer dress or Seven jeans? Tennis shoes or peep-toe pumps? There are so many choices when it comes to what you should wear to a lifestyle photo shoot!

Frankly, the bottom line is...wear whatever makes you feel like you. That's what a lifestyle shoot is! It's a photo session that tells a small story about who you are. So wear what makes you feel genuine. Beautiful. Comfortable. And happy!

BUT....there are some great guidelines to stick to as well. There's a fine line between wearing what feels comfortable and genuine, and putting your best foot forward. You want to be proud of how you look in your images! And donning your favorite silk-screened sweatshirt from the Grand Canyon is probably not going to make that happen...

As Session Nine Photographers, we always try to encourage and help our clients in choosing outfits that will best represent them in their lifestyle photo shoot. Our very first choice for the friends we are shooting is just to go ahead and hire Alex herself! She's an amazing artist when it comes to fashion design and she knows how to keep attire simple and clean while creating gorgeous looks. You won't be disappointed!

Here are some easy guidelines to help you when you're considering what to wear during your personalized Lifestyle Session with Session Nine:

Try to wear these:

  1. Bold and bright color accents ("accents" is the key word here!)
  2. Fun and interesting accessories (hairpieces, jewelry, scarfs, fashionable hats, belts, etc.)
  3. Black & white work great as long as the location contrasts well...it doesn't help when you're in all black against a dark background!
  4. Varying textures (denims, feather accents, metals, silks, leathers, etc.)

Stay away from these:

  1. Huge, gaudy prints (small detailed prints look amazing!)
  2. Jeans with holes in them...unless the holes were there when you bought them.
  3. Old beat up tennis shoes
  4. T-Shirts with "sayings" or brand's on them
  5. Camouflage...because let's face it, that would just be kind of weird.
  6. Some stripes work but be cautious when choosing them!

Here's a few images of some clients straight rockin' it out! Check out the use of great color accents, textures,  and accessories...

*This post has been authored by Jason Williams of Session Nine Photographers.  Check out Session Nine's work!