Tapered T's


This post is sponsored by Tapered Collection. 

Let's talk t-shirts. I don't know about you, but I always find it hard to spend money on the "essentials." They just aren't as fun, ya know? I would much rather find a pretty top or a killer jumpsuit. But then when I'm getting dressed and I need a simple black t-shirt, I always kick myself for not buying one. Well, I finally have three AMAZING t-shirts thanks to Tapered Collection


These are the softest t-shirts I have worn in a long time, but the BEST part of their design is that you can't see my bra through them and they aren't too tight or too baggy. They are just right as if Goldie Locks had finally found her favorite t-shirt too. 


Tapered Collection avoids that weird flair at the bottom of shirts and the gaping holes on the side of your arms. They are a company completely devoted to the perfect t-shirt for a woman and their devotion has paid off. I'm a big fan. You can get 15% off your purchase right now by following this link

Photos by Rennai Hoefer