Watercolor & Bernadette Pascua


Watercolor prints have become a big trend in fashion and home decor. Something about the fluidity of watercolor makes me feel relaxed. I'd love to try my hand at it again soon. I don't think I have painted with watercolors since I was in elementary school. If you are on the watercolor bandwagon, you are going to become obsessed with Bernadette Pascua like I am. She combines her art form of watercolor with the fashion world to create beautiful imagery for textiles and the pages of Harper's Bazaar.


If I could have a piece of clothing turned into a watercolor painting I would be a gingham oxford shirt. It's like my second skin - something I can always put on and feel like myself. It's also timeless and something that I will wear when I'm 80.

What about you? What article of clothing would you turn into a painting and why?

*All illustrations by Bernadette Pascua.*