Looking Forward - 2010

Looking back on 2009, disappointment and frustration mostly consumes me even though there were many accomplishments and good memories made. I started the year off with this blog mainly to chronicle my journey of pursuing fashion design/marketing. Today is the anniversary of this blog, and I'm sitting in the exact same spot when I embarked on my journey - under the covers in my bed in Sedona, Arizona.

Though I was accepted to FIDM, a definite accomplishment, I haven't moved an inch forward. The economy was the biggest factor being that jobs were pretty much non existent in California. So, I'm still here in Arizona, and I don't know if FIDM will even be possible 2010. The unemployment rate is slowly diminishing, but we won't see a correction for awhile. So, feeling stuck and trapped, I feel this desire to just stop trying, but after reading my first blog post and going back to the purpose of why I'm pursuing this dream - God - I am pressing forward with a different strategy.

I'm considering Parson's online fashion marketing program. It just depends on whether we can afford tuition. It would be a great solution to furthering my education, but being able to continue gaining experience in the communications and public relations realm. Of course, I'll be keeping my eyes open for other opportunities where I can head straight into the industry and bypass school, which would save us a ton of money.

Meanwhile, in 2010, I'm going to continue to sew, although I need to work more with my sewing machine, sketch, blog and try my very best to win the IIDA Couture Competition this February! Until God takes this passion and conviction away from my heart I will continue pursue this industry. God's timing is confusing in the midst of all of this, but He knows what is best. So, I'll cling tightly to Him, as He does to me, and serve Him the best that I can.