Color Blocking

Color blocking has made a huge comeback, and you're going to see mannequins dressed in bright color combos throughout your mall if you haven't already. Open up your latest J.Crew or Urban Outfitters catalog, and you'll find it!

Unfamiliar with the term? Basically, it's sectioning off your body with different colors.

You'll see red matched with yellow, lime green paired with royal blue and coral with magenta...the list of unusual fashion color combinations goes on.

With unusual color combinations on the rise, you'll also notice floral prints and plaids falling by the wayside. It's all about solid colors and with the occasional gingham and striped print thrown in.

I'm pretty excited about this because I tend to stick to solid colors anyway. So, all in all color blocking is great in my book! What about you? Are you glad this early 90's trend is back?