Farewell Summer, Hello Winter Photo Shoot

Looking back to see how this shoot formulated makes me SO thankful for technology. Lonnie Webb found me through Promise Tangeman's blog, made a comment on my site, and from there we started conversing through social media about fashion and photography. A month later, Lonnie booked a flight down to Arizona to spend time with his sister, but also to collaborate on a shoot. Photo by Lonnie Webb

The theme wasn't set when we decided to work together. It actually came to me as I was dreaming about cooler weather and getting sick of Arizona's intense summer heat. I thought it would be cool to create outfits that share summer and winter. I completely bypassed fall, well, because Arizona doesn't have a fall. haha.

Lonnie loved the idea! So, then I thought all we need is an all-American girl to be our model. Someone that has a great smile and that is simply beautiful - enter Megan Bryant. A girl with her own style and love of fashion.

Photo By Lonnie Webb

We created multiple looks based on three different pieces - a bright red dress, denim cut-offs and black skinny jeans. All of the clothes came from her closet and were put together by me. We kept her feet bare because it evoked the summer, and added fur, hats and jackets to incorporate winter.

Photo by Lonnie WebbPhoto by Lonnie Webb

We decided to shoot at the Rio Salado Audubon Center which offered us six miles of paved nature paths to walk under trees, stand in the desert and play with the water.

Photo by Lonnie Webb

Lonnie did a fabulous job capturing the carefree spirit of summer and winter. It really reminds me of something Urban Outfitters would publish or Nylon Magazine.

Photo by Lonnie Webb

I hope you guys enjoy it. =)

Photo by Lonnie Webb