Here we go...

I remember lying on the floor of my bedroom, ugly pink carpet cushioning my head, while staring at the fan blades circling round and wondering what life was going to be like when I had a "career." I never thought about getting married or how many kids I would have, I just dreamt about the things I would love to accomplish like being an actress, a model, a fashion designer, a singer, an artist...Especially, when I was bored or in trouble (confined to my room), I would ponder these things...Most of all, I would just dream about people knowing me and caring about me. That feeling is what drove me to really know God. I knew deep down I was created for something BIG. I just realized it was for someone BIG. Some where along the lines, my dreams and desires have gotten muddied by the practicalities and expectations of this crazy world. So, now I'm 24 years old, I am married, living in a two bedroom apartment with family near by, a 9-5 job doing communications in Phoenix, Arizona....Very different from "my plans." And I must say, all of these things are WONDERFUL, but I cannot deny these passions that have never left me.  So, as I sit by myself in my cute little abode, listening to some good 'ole 90's music (U2's "Mysterious Ways"), I'm thinking it's about time that I get back to those dreams that were placed on my heart since the beginning.

Check mark #1. I sing regularly...falalalala.... Check mark #2. I've taken a couple art classes along the way - Not to mention, I went to a performing arts high school for clarinet performance. Check mark #3. I've managed to take many a dance class in my life time. From age 3-11 years old, and then picked it back up in college.  I even managed to score a husband with my quick feet. (We met in a swing dancing class). Check mark #4. I just bought my very first sewing machine!!!

So here's to all the hours I spent dreaming and staring at my fan. Here's to the zillion notes I hummed, sang and played. Here's to the stretching, dirty dance shoes and hot dance moves. Here's to the over dramatic tears, smiles and laughs.

I know I am on this earth to serve God and be who I have been created to be - An artistic, fun-loving woman, happily pursuing her dreams alongside a great husband in a two-bedroom apartment with great friends and loving family in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. (Ironically, U2's "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" is playing).