How to Style A Graphic T-shirt

With the popularity of graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts on the rise, I had a chance to share my thoughts on how I would style them for the Digital Stylist Network. You can check out the post (click here), but I'd thought I'd expand a bit more by sharing my shopping picks and pairings. I'm a fan of taking t-shirts and dressing them up with a pencil skirt, blazer or even tying them over a dress. But there's nothing more comfortable than a simple t-shirt and jeans. Okay, that's not true. Sweatpants are hands down the winner of comfort. But, if you're trying to keep on trend without thinking too hard a white t, jeans and cool shoes are your ticket. Below, I've shown you two different directions while incorporating some other fall trends (boyfriend jeans, leather, midi skirts and ankle booties).

how to style a t-shirt

As I mentioned in the DSN article, if I'm going to use my clothing to say something I want it to tell people something about myself. Pineapples are the universal symbol for welcome. I think it's a happy fruit that brings smiles, which is something  hope to do every day.

(Top image by Free People)