Black, Brown and Gray

blog shoot 2_07web
blog shoot 2_07web

This fall you can expect to see an unusual amount of gray, brown and black. It seems that muted color palettes and neutrals are the colors of choice this season. Maybe a pop of oxblood here and there and definitely pops of navy mixed with black, but other than that you won't see too many bright colors.

In the past autumn seasons we've seen a lot of gem tones and sequins. I don't think they will be completely out of stores by any means, but the more fashion forward palettes will be simple. Fashion always has a way of turning 180 degrees from what has been popular.

blog shoot 2_06web
blog shoot 2_06web

This outfit features the cropped sweater trend I talked about yesterday and the simple fall color palette. Polkadots and stripes always go together in my book, so I really enjoy this fun pairing with my striped Agnes and Dora pencil skirt.

Get the look: Cropped sweater, pencil skirt, shoes, necklace, belt

Photos by Michelle Herrick

31 Bits - Fashion for Good


Every time we make a purchase we are choosing to support a person or a group of people. How cool is that?! Our money and what we value changes lives. Whether your are buying local, from a large corporation or from a socially conscious business you aren't just consuming you are supporting.

There are many brands that I love, but one of the companies that I love the most is 31 BITS. They create fashionable jewelry that supports women in Uganda. Not just supports, but they change their lives by offering healthcare, education and skills to support and sustain women. Doesn't that just make you want to donate your money let alone buy awesome jewelry?!


You get both with 31 BITS.


They just released their new collection for fall, and I'm in love. Just thinking about fall makes me happy. In fact, 31 BITS and I are partnering to bring you the latest fall fashions through Pinterest. Follow along and see what what trends we think are hot this year. Knits and boots are two of my favorite things this fall.


You can also check out a fun Q & A where I share some of my favorite things about being a stylist, my top fall trends, and where I see myself in five years.

BIG thanks to Frances Vintage for this awesome maxi dress, clutch and rings. They also have awesome fall style coming into their store as I write this post. Go visit!

Amazing photos by Kym Ventola.

Get the look: sweater (a gift from my mom), maxi dress, clutch, bracelets, earrings

How to Style A Graphic T-shirt

With the popularity of graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts on the rise, I had a chance to share my thoughts on how I would style them for the Digital Stylist Network. You can check out the post (click here), but I'd thought I'd expand a bit more by sharing my shopping picks and pairings. I'm a fan of taking t-shirts and dressing them up with a pencil skirt, blazer or even tying them over a dress. But there's nothing more comfortable than a simple t-shirt and jeans. Okay, that's not true. Sweatpants are hands down the winner of comfort. But, if you're trying to keep on trend without thinking too hard a white t, jeans and cool shoes are your ticket. Below, I've shown you two different directions while incorporating some other fall trends (boyfriend jeans, leather, midi skirts and ankle booties).

how to style a t-shirt

As I mentioned in the DSN article, if I'm going to use my clothing to say something I want it to tell people something about myself. Pineapples are the universal symbol for welcome. I think it's a happy fruit that brings smiles, which is something  hope to do every day.

(Top image by Free People)

Black Leather

Yesterday, I mentioned to be on the lookout for black lace as we transition into fall. Today, it's all about black leather or "leatha" as I like to say. Generally, leather is pretty pricey, hard to care for and I always feel a bit guilty since it comes from cows. So, I, personally, lean toward faux leather items when it comes to things other than shoes and handbags.

Tops, pants, shorts and jackets are all game this fall. Black is generally going to be the color that you'll see. It just has a harder, edgier look that is fashionable right now, especially when juxtaposed to feminine silhouettes.

I particularly love this quilted leather skirt from ZARA.

And, of course, if you find that pants, jackets and skirts are a bit too much for you, you can always play up the trend with accessories.

Are you excited about this fall trend?