Black, Brown and Gray

blog shoot 2_07web
blog shoot 2_07web

This fall you can expect to see an unusual amount of gray, brown and black. It seems that muted color palettes and neutrals are the colors of choice this season. Maybe a pop of oxblood here and there and definitely pops of navy mixed with black, but other than that you won't see too many bright colors.

In the past autumn seasons we've seen a lot of gem tones and sequins. I don't think they will be completely out of stores by any means, but the more fashion forward palettes will be simple. Fashion always has a way of turning 180 degrees from what has been popular.

blog shoot 2_06web
blog shoot 2_06web

This outfit features the cropped sweater trend I talked about yesterday and the simple fall color palette. Polkadots and stripes always go together in my book, so I really enjoy this fun pairing with my striped Agnes and Dora pencil skirt.

Get the look: Cropped sweater, pencil skirt, shoes, necklace, belt

Photos by Michelle Herrick

Cropped Sweaters & Pencil Skirts


If you had told me five months ago that I would be able to rock a crop top I would have told you that you were crazy. You have to like your stomach to wear a crop top, and I have never liked my stomach. Granted it can be just a sliver of skin, but even that amount was scary for me. Even as an 8 year old kid I preferred wearing one pieces to a bikini. My stomach is whiter than white even though I have olive skin and can tan in a second. So, this fall trend of cropped sweaters was scary, but I decided to try it. blog shoot 2_11web

I think I'm hooked on this fashion forward peekaboo trend. I found this striped cropped sweater at ZARA on sale the other day, and decided it would be so fun to pair it with my Agnes & Dora floral pencil skirt. Mixing patterns can be tricky, but trusty stripes won't steer you wrong, and they almost always go with floral prints.

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Tomorrow I'll show you another cropped sweater version of this trend, but for now I want to know if you are intimidated by this trend. If you are, I'm challenge you to try it. You can always put it over a maxi dress if you don't want to bare your midriff.

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Get the look: Pencil skirt, cropped sweater (ZARA no longer sells the one I'm wearing, but Nordstrom has a great one that is similar), shoes

Photos by Michelle Herrick