Part 2 Epiphanie Shoot - Photo Reveal

In Part 1, I mentioned I had an incredible opportunity to style a photo shoot for Epiphanie Bags featuring the Lola bag and photographer/designer Promise Tangeman.

The setting for this photo shoot took place in the desert near a run down gas station during dusk. It was perfect for the free-spirited indie look I created for Promise.

I used clothes from her closet and paired different textures and patterns. I also created a cool scarf by braiding three separate ones together.

Kim Cornwell, who I have worked with on several shoots such as Equestrian Glam and Marie Antoinette, styled Promise's hair. There's definitely an essence of Native American heritage represented by the braids and earthy quality.

The photos were taken by Epiphanie Bags founder, Maile Wilson. I hope you love how it turned out as much as I did.

Don't forget to check out Epiphanie Bags! They are great even if you're not a photographer.