Epiphanie Brand Film Release


In 2010, I was asked to style Epiphanie Bag's fall campaign. It was one of my first projects as a stylist, and I was so thrilled that Maile Wilson took a chance on me. As the years went by, Maile continued to ask me to help by contributing to Epiphanie's blog and doing some virtual styling for other campaigns. A couple of months ago, Maile asked me to style her fall 2014 line of bags, and I thought we would continue to do our virtual styling routine. A week later she emailed, and said, "No, I want to fly out there and have you style it in person and assemble a team of talent. I trust you, and I know you're the right person for the job." Her validation and confidence in me has meant the world over the years, and this lookbook project was one of the biggest honors to be a part of. I'm so thankful that she saw something in me at the beginning and has continued to support me in my path as a stylist.

Check out this video created by Ale Vidal with an amazing team of talent behind it, and make sure to visit Epiphaniebags.com to see her latest collection.

Campaign film for Epiphanie - a line of stylish camera bags for women. This film captures the spirit of the brand and the girl that carries an epiphanie bag like she carries her heart - full of adventure. 

Film / Direction by Ale Vidal www.imaginaledesign.com

Video Assistant - Matt Hail www.matthail.com Styling by Alexandra Evjen www.avestyles.com Hair by Jenny Strebe www.theconfessionsofahairstylist.com Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel www.snmakeupartist.com Assistant - Audree Lopez - www.simplyaudreekate.com Modeling by Agency AZ Styling Assistant - Alyssa Hodson

Clothing provided by Frances Vintage and Shop & Apparel

Location provided by The Clarendon Hotel

Photos to come on Wednesday!

Daily Epiphanie Style Contributor

Happy Friday! Looking for more good reads on the web? Check out The Daily Epiphanie for photography, travel and style inspiration curated by Epiphanie Bags and several other contributors including yours truly. I'll be sharing some outfit inspiration for engagement sessions and family portraits along with some fashion articles about how to dress with more style on a daily basis. Check it out and enjoy!

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Epiphanie Mixed Bag

It was exactly one year ago that I helped style Promise Tangeman for a photo shoot with Epiphanie Bags. It was SOOO much fun, and I'm happy to share that starting this week I will be regularly sharing some fashion insight each Monday on Epiphanie's blog. "Mixed Bag" Mondays will be a post sharing how to wear your awesome Epiphanie camera bag in a fashionable way. If you're not familiar with Epiphanie, they are a company that makes stylish camera bags for the female photographer. So long boring black, clunky bags!

Make sure to stop by and say hi!

Part 2 Epiphanie Shoot - Photo Reveal

In Part 1, I mentioned I had an incredible opportunity to style a photo shoot for Epiphanie Bags featuring the Lola bag and photographer/designer Promise Tangeman.

The setting for this photo shoot took place in the desert near a run down gas station during dusk. It was perfect for the free-spirited indie look I created for Promise.

I used clothes from her closet and paired different textures and patterns. I also created a cool scarf by braiding three separate ones together.

Kim Cornwell, who I have worked with on several shoots such as Equestrian Glam and Marie Antoinette, styled Promise's hair. There's definitely an essence of Native American heritage represented by the braids and earthy quality.

The photos were taken by Epiphanie Bags founder, Maile Wilson. I hope you love how it turned out as much as I did.

Don't forget to check out Epiphanie Bags! They are great even if you're not a photographer.