Epiphanie Brand Film Release


In 2010, I was asked to style Epiphanie Bag's fall campaign. It was one of my first projects as a stylist, and I was so thrilled that Maile Wilson took a chance on me. As the years went by, Maile continued to ask me to help by contributing to Epiphanie's blog and doing some virtual styling for other campaigns. A couple of months ago, Maile asked me to style her fall 2014 line of bags, and I thought we would continue to do our virtual styling routine. A week later she emailed, and said, "No, I want to fly out there and have you style it in person and assemble a team of talent. I trust you, and I know you're the right person for the job." Her validation and confidence in me has meant the world over the years, and this lookbook project was one of the biggest honors to be a part of. I'm so thankful that she saw something in me at the beginning and has continued to support me in my path as a stylist.

Check out this video created by Ale Vidal with an amazing team of talent behind it, and make sure to visit Epiphaniebags.com to see her latest collection.

Campaign film for Epiphanie - a line of stylish camera bags for women. This film captures the spirit of the brand and the girl that carries an epiphanie bag like she carries her heart - full of adventure. 

Film / Direction by Ale Vidal www.imaginaledesign.com

Video Assistant - Matt Hail www.matthail.com Styling by Alexandra Evjen www.avestyles.com Hair by Jenny Strebe www.theconfessionsofahairstylist.com Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel www.snmakeupartist.com Assistant - Audree Lopez - www.simplyaudreekate.com Modeling by Agency AZ Styling Assistant - Alyssa Hodson

Clothing provided by Frances Vintage and Shop & Apparel

Location provided by The Clarendon Hotel

Photos to come on Wednesday!

Young, Wild & Free


Last week I shared a beautiful brand film for Jessica Daniels captured by Ale Vidal. Today, I'm sharing some images that Jess took the day of the shoot.

Jess really wanted to portray a girl who is adventurous and a free spirit for her brand film. A clothing brand that I really feel like embodies this is Free People. Thanks to Frances Vintage, we were able to work with all Free People clothing for this project. I'm in love with both of these dresses. The soft, flowy material was perfect for motion and further emphasized the "free bird" quality.


Generally, I stay away from a black and white palette, but because this dress had a lot of detail and because we accessorized her to a great degree, it worked really well. Plus, the mint VW bus Jenny brought to the shoot created a bright pop of color for a background.


Braids, natural makeup, stacked rings, a hat, booties...These were all of the details that came to my mind when I thought about this girl. Don't you just want to be friends with her?! Lea did such a great job of portraying this character.


All in all this is my favorite shoot to date. It was just a joy to get lost in the details. Below is a little behind the scene pic of me and Ale creating a moment on set with Lea. If you haven't watched the film, go watch it here.


Photography by Jessica Daniels // www.portland-vancouver-senior-portraits.com  Styling & Art Direction by Alexandra Evjen // www.avestyles.com

Hair by Jenny Strebe // www.theconfessionsofahairstylist.com Make up by Stephanie Neiheisel // www.snmakeupartist.com Model // Agency AZ (Lia Briehl) // www.theagencyaz.com Clothing and accessories supplied by Frances Vintage // www.francesvintage.com Calligraphy, hand drawn details by Alyssa Hodson

This Time in My Life


A mint vintage VW bus. Hair blowing in the wind. A road map laying on the seat. The open road. If the sum of those things or even just one makes you want to go on an adventure you should watch this brand film for Jessica Daniels Photography made by Ale Vidal.

This may in fact be the art direction and styling project I am most proud of to date. I want to be this girl. I want to live her life and have her spontaneity. When I feel like that about a project I know that it's special. More about the process and outfits later. For now, grab your coffee and enjoy.

This Time in My Life from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

This time in my life is an adventure - to do things I've never done and go places I've never been. To have adventures that open my heart and my mind. // This was the premise and script I worked on with Jess Daniels (www.portland-vancouver-senior-portraits.com) for her brand film. Our goal was to create a character that represents her style of work and the type of girl that is photographed by her.

Film by Ale Vidal // www.imaginaledesign.com

Styling & Art Direction by Alexandra Evjen // www.avestyles.com

Hair by Jenny Strebe // www.theconfessionsofahairstylist.com Make up by Stephanie Neiheisel // www.snmakeupartist.com Model // Agency AZ (Lia Briehl) // www.theagencyaz.com Clothing supplied by Fances Vintage // www.francesvintage.com Calligraphy, hand drawn details by Alyssa Hodson

Lexi Arielle Brand Film


I am so proud to share this beautiful brand film created for Lexi Arielle Photography created by Ale Vidal. This is the third brand film that I have not only had the chance to style, but art direct as well. It is incredibly dreamy and romantic. Watching it makes me feel giddy and wish that I could be a bride all over again. Tomorrow I'll share the artistic process and images, but for now just enjoy the film.

Lexi Arielle Photography from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

Brand film for photographer Lexi Arielle www.lexiarielle.co

Film: Ale Vidal // www.imaginaledesign.com

Fashion Styling & Art Direction: Alex Evjen // www.avestyles.com

Models: Daniel Markus and Kelsey Groetken from The Agency AZ // www.theagencyaz.com

Venue: The Farm at South Mountain // www.thefarmatsouthmountain.com

Make-up: Azure Shaffer // www.artistrybyazure.com

Hair: Amber Tillinghast // www.facebook.com/pages/Grateful-Head-Hair-Studio/116426275086567

Floral Styling & Cake: Hilary Kramer // www.hilarylambphoto.blogspot.com

Assistant: Mary Claire Cook www.maryclaire-photography.com

Wedding gown: Mariee Gallery // www.marieegallery.com

Bridal Accessories: Mignonne Handmade // www.mignonnehandmade.com

Bow Tie: Dapper & Dash //  www.dapperanddash.com

Lapel pin: Two Guys Bow Ties // www.etsy.com/shop/TwoGuysBowties

Original Content Creation


Last week, I shared a brand film for Lone Flag, and in my post I mentioned that I would elaborate more on my decision to move to art direction and original content creation. lfweb1

There's nothing I love more than creating beautiful imagery. I love it more than shopping for someone or rummaging through a closet. In fact, my love for creating beautiful images is truly what made me want to be a stylist. Since I don't live in the fashion capital of the world (pretty far from it, actually), I've become a jack of all trades in regards to styling. It sure has given me a load of experience, but it has also shown me what my heart beats for.


When this little thing called Pinterest was created and my following grew, tons of doors started to pop open with brands and magazines I had always dreamed of working with. I soon realized that my curatorial eye and my ability to know what men and women want was my unique strength. So, now here I am, a tastemaker and a stylist...Pretty cool, but this past spring I found myself struggling to figure out how to bridge the two together. I knew I always wanted to style original content for Pinterest campaigns, but no one was really buying the idea.


Flash forward to now, an original idea is SO valuable. And now more than ever people are using Pinterest to purchase things and dream about their future. Creating fresh content to increase brand awareness and go viral is a serious business, and it's the business I'm in. SOOooo...When my powers (styling and social media marketing) and Alejandra's powers (a cinematography and photography) combine...We are able to offer a one stop shop for brands to boost their presence through film, well-styled imagery and original content for their blogs, Instagram feeds and Pinterest accounts. Captain Planet needs to watch out!


Lone Flag was the perfect brand to work with because they knew their mission and their style, but being brand new they needed to get the word out. Follow their blog to see the original content Ale and I created and captured. You'll also see some of the pretty photos here in this post and on Ale's blog. If you follow me on Pinterest you'll also get to see more of our unique content. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you check out Lone Flag's shop. They have AMAZING gifts for the holidays and every day.


Photography by Imaginale Design Art direction by AVE Styles