My favorite thing to shop for when I found out that I was pregnant with Elle was my diaper bag. In my research though I found so many bags that looked too cutesy and didn't embody the current fashion trends. This time around when I searched for a bag for Levi I didn't need to go too far to find what I wanted. Fashion for moms has gotten so much better!

I really wanted a backpack this time around because having both hands free for two kids is a must. I loved that this backpack by Fawn Designs looked like real leather, but it was actually water resistant faux leather. I also loved the gold zipper detail. It made me feel like I wasn't carrying a diaper bag at all.

The one thing that I have realized in carrying this bag verses my large Petunia Picklebottom bag is there isn't as much room and pockets as my tote bag. I would say for traveling for long days spent away from the house I need the larger tote bag. However, if you only have one kiddo or you aren't going to need the whole kitchen sink, the Fawn backpack is PERFECT.

*Product was given for a review; Photos by Gina Meola