I haven't been so nice to my hair in years past. In fact, it started breaking off because I had not been careful about how I was taking care of it. Excessive heat, styling and coloring on my fine, dry hair caused my hair to become weak and break so much so that I chopped it off. 

My hair is in a fragile state at the moment, but I'm being mindful of it and treating it kindly. I'm starting to see improvements to the texture and quality in just a short few months too. I thought I would share what I'm doing to keep it healthy and happy. 

1. Weekly hair masques - I alternate between different ones, but I'm mainly focusing on putting moisture back into my hair and strengthening it. I really like these from Aveda (damage remedy, dry remedy and color conserve).

2. Washing it every three days - I've been doing this for a long time now, but I'm being extra mindful to do this for the health of my hair. I don't even brush my hair between washes. I simply apply dry shampoo to my roots to keep the oil at bay and work it into my scalp with my fingers. I usually shake my head upside-down to give it a fluff too.

3. I try only to blow drying my hair and styling it once a week - This has been really hard for me because I love the volume the dryer gives my roots, but for now reducing the amount of heat on my hair will help a lot. When I do blow dry my hair I use a lower heat setting as well, which take a bit longer, but I think it's worth it.

4. Once a week I'm letting it air dry natural curly - Since I'm only using styling tools once a week the other time I wash my hair I just let it air dry. I'm learning how to rock my natural texture. I just apply my curl cream and mousse and let it go. It's kind of liberating to my surprise. 

5. I switched my styling tools to ceramic plates instead of metal - I learned that ceramic plates protect the hair more than metal because that heat more evenly. Metal plats can contain hot spots. There are some metal plates out there that are coated, but if the coating wears off it will damage your hair. This is what happened to me. I recently bought Chi Ceramic 1" straightener and I love it. I also purchased Hot Tools NanoCermaic Tapered Curl Wand and that give my hair a nice bend. 

6. I'm going longer between color appointments - This has been hard since I started sprouting some gray hairs, but lightening your hair definitely can weaken and damage your strands. I'm going with deeper roots and touching up with dry shampoo that is for brown hair. I use Salon Grafix for brunettes. 

7. I'm layering products into my hair to protect it from UV and heat (when I use it) - Styling products add a barrier of protection for your hair and many contain UV protectants too. This will help protect from your color fading, as well as damage. 

8. Getting regular haircuts and maintaining short hair - I've always been the client to shop my hair off and then let it grow for six months. I would just get two cuts a year and call it good. That's the worst idea ever because once those split-ends start they will continue to creep up your strands and break your hair to the root. It's more money and time, but cutting my hair every 8 weeks is going to ensure that split ends stay away.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links

Luxurious Delights

You know those days when you just feel a bit frumpy? It's not because your clothes, hair or makeup looks bad, but maybe more because you just feel bored or tired of the same old thing. We've all had days or maybe even seasons like that, and I've found that little luxurious delights that help me snap out of it. So, what are some of my secret weapons?

1. L' Occitane Amande Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate - The first time I smelled this amazing body cream I thought I was in heaven. It's the best smelling body lotion the history of lotion. It's not over powering like Bath & Body Works. It just has this beautiful smell and velvety feel when you apply it. You feel like you should be sitting on a tuffted stool at your vanity wearing silk pajamas or something. I rarely buy this product because it costs a whopping $44.00, but when I do I always feel a bit special applying it.

2. Especially Escada Perfume - Sometimes all it takes is a splash of really nice perfume. One of my new favorites is Especially Escada. The bottle is beautiful and the scent is feminine and clean. I wear Her by Narcisco Rodriguez almost every day, and I love it. So, when I apply something like Escada it makes it special and I'm ensured I can smell it because my body isn't so used to it.

3. Spa Bathrobe - I've gone to a spa about five times in my life. I loved every minute of it, but I can't afford to go there more than maybe once a year. So what not bring the spa home to you? Just putting on my slippers and clean, plush bathrobe makes me feel relaxed and happy. I was able to find a really nice robe at Last Chance, but you can find great robes anywhere.

4. Aveda Shampoo - I wash my hair every day with common hair products you can find at Target such as John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. But every once in a blue moon I splurge on a designer shampoo, and my favorite is Aveda's Brilliant Shampoo. It leaves your hair smelling amazing and clean. Something about that natural scent transports me to Hawaii.

5. Lighting Candles - Sometimes all you need is to light some candles, have a glass of nice wine, and a bite of a really great dessert. They say you can't buy happiness, but I say you can buy 20 minutes of happiness with these simple luxuries. One of my all time favorite candles is the Red Capri Jar Candle. It's $28.00, but lasts a really long time.

What are some of your ways to combat a case of the frumpies?

Embracing My Curl

I have naturally curly, fine, unruly hair. My mom has straight hair and doesn't know the first thing about managing frizz and volume, so most of my life I've tried to brush out my curls, straighten, smooth and hide my crazy hair.

It wasn't until I met my old roommate, Emma, who has hair like mine did I see that my locks could be tamed. However, even after watching her go through her beauty routine and trying her hair products, I couldn't get the hang of it.

For some reason, in these past couple of weeks I have just decided to embrace my curly hair for what it is and attempt to bring out the best in it. I'm happy to report that I now love my hair and find getting ready in the morning much, MUCH easier. I owe my embrace to a couple of products...

Bed Head Ego Boost - This is a great leave-in conditioner that Emma introduced me to. Curly hair tends to be dry, so moisture is key. After you have scrunched the excess water out of your hair (never towel dry), squirt a couple of pumps into your hands, rub and scrunch your hair with your hands. Never comb your locks after you shower and never comb your finger through if you want soft, full, natural curls. Leave the finger combing until your hair is completely dry.

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid - A couple pumps of this baby and your hair will be shiny and without frizz. I sometimes combine this with Ego Boost before I scrunch the product into my hair, or I gently sweep my hands through my dry curls at the very end to add some shine.

KMS CurlUp Hot Spiral Spray - This product not only smells delightful, but it helps keep your curls intact without making them crunchy. I cannot stand to have crunch curls! Just spray this all over your wet hair after you have applied the previous two products and scrunch your curls. This product works best when used with heat from a diffuser.

Diffuser - You absolutely MUST have a diffuser if you have curly hair and you want to make your curls defined and tamed. If you don't want to go out and buy a new hair dryer, just grab a diffuser attachment from any Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply. Flip your head upside down, use medium-low heat and the low air flow setting. Gently cup yours curls and point your hair dryer up towards your hair. Never blow the air back and forth or scrunch too hard. Treat your curls gently and delicately. It takes awhile to get them completely dry because of the amount of product and the fact that you didn't towel dry your hair, but it's worth it. I sometimes stop half way, put on my makeup and finish when my hair is most of the way dry.

Dry Shampoo is Better


Everyone that is reading this needs to try dry shampoo! After talking to both my colorist and my hair stylist, I have been convinced to start incorporating dry shampoo into my routine and I love it! Washing your hair every day, for those that have oily hair, can actually cause your scalp to produce more oil, and if you have color treated hair, every time you wash your hair your color fades slightly and dries your ends. Using dry shampoo saves time because you don't have to re-style or blow dry you hair daily, helps keep your hair healthy and gives youmore texture and volume to play with. Here are some product recommendations...Ojon Run Out Dry Cleanser - I use this product on my hair. Just shake and spray your roots while holding the can a couple inches away. Then just rub your roots to work in the product. It smells super yummy too! $24.00

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray - Most of the reviews on dry shampoo that I've read have recommended this product. I have yet to try, but probably will next time around. $21.00

TIGI's Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo - This dry shampoo comes recommended by my hair stylist. She uses it all of the time and this girl has amazing volume to her hair.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion - This product isn't a spray. It a powder that you can either liquify and put in your wet hair to create volume or you can leave as a powder and sprinkle at your roots for great second day hair. It has Aveda's signature scent that will last all day in your hair and it's better on the environment because it doesn't come in an aerosol can.

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder - This product is different from the other because the spray is colored to avoid having to worry about rubbing white powder all of the way through. Just choose the spray that matches your hair and you're set. The only downside to this product is that it costs $35.00 for only 4 ounces. eek!

Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo - My friend Promise loves this product. It only costs $4.00 at CVS! She feels like it works just as well as TIGI's Rockaholic. I think I might check this out pretty soon. I know my wallet will thank me for sure!