This post is sponsored by Shane Co. 

Fine jewelry is a gift that you keep for a lifetime. That's why it makes such a great gift for special occasions like Mother's Day. I already save every piece of art my kids make, so you better believe I will be save every piece of jewelry they give me. The same goes for gifts from my husband. Fine jewelry is the ultimate symbol of telling someone they are special and worth it, and so I've partnered with Shane Co. to share with your pieces from their Mother's Day collection that communicate value and love for all moms. 

A locket is a timeless piece of jewelry that lasts generations. Being able to put photos of your loved ones inside and wear it close to your chest is beautiful. I love this silver locket because of its simplicity. You could easily wear it every day. It has one tiny diamond for some sparkle and space on the back for engraving. I wore my locket with a long crochet top and jeans, and I loved it!

ID bracelets are another timeless piece of jewelry that gets passed down generations. I particularly love Shane Co.'s design because it's adjustable for any size wrist. The tassels that hang down can be worn as the front or back of the bracelet, and the heart detail is lovely. 

You could also engrave this piece of jewelry with a special date, phrase or your kid's names if you wanted to. Personalizing jewelry with something like that makes it much more special to a mother don't you think? 

I styled my ID bracelet with a stack of three rings on my ring finger. A diamond one for Ryan, a gold and diamond ring for Elle and a gold midi ring for Levi. Ring stacks are still very popular, and for a trendier statement midi rings in particular are a great choice. 

If you love color, birthstones are an excellent way to personalize your special gift and add some personality to your collection.  Both of my babies were born in September. Their birthstones are peridots, but I don't wear green too much. So, for someone like me that is more of a color minimalist, I suggest trying blue topaz. I love this topaz tennis bracelet that is adjustable and the light blue goes with denim easily. You can dress this piece up or down. I dressed it down by adding a simple silver bangle to it.

Rings and bracelets can sometimes be a challenge to purchase when you don't know a person's wrist size. So, when in doubt, go for a necklace. This gold and diamond circle necklace is probably my favorite piece out of the whole Mother's Day collection. I have one in rose gold, but I also love this gold and diamond piece too. I wear my circle necklace every day, and I love that it symbolizes eternity. The love I have for my children is truly eternal, and this necklace is something any mom would be proud to wear daily just because of the message alone. The design is a stunner too.

And for the ultimate gesture, a beautiful cocktail ring will always make a woman swoon. Every woman needs a statement cocktail ring in their jewelry box. This would hands down be my choice. 

Be sure to visit Shane Co. for your next fine jewelry purchase. They guarantee quality and service every time, and they truly have beautiful pieces every woman would love.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer.