Halloween is on the horizon. Do you have your costume? If you don't I have three simple and affordable ideas to consider thanks to Savers. Last year, we partnered to create a Pinterest costume, unicorn emoji costume and a Starbucks frap costume. This year all of my costumes pay homage to some of the biggest fashion icons of our day.

First, we have the one and only Rachel Zoe. Big round sunglasses, pink lipstick, black and white boho outfit and a lot of jewelry. That's all you need to complete the Rachel Zoe costume. So simple, right?! Of course, if you don't have long blonde hair like my intern, Lauren, then you may need to get a blonde wig. 

Next we have my personal all-time fashion icon, Alexa Chung. Her iconic preppy tomboy style is unmistakable, so a polo buttoned to the top or even a shirt dress like the one I am wearing is perfect. I tied a denim jacket around my waist to add some tomboy casualness to the dress, red lips, short brown hair and funky shoes. 

Last, by not least, the lovely Iris Apfel is most known for her round glasses and over the top layers of jewelry. You always see her in long sleeves and pants too. So, we found a white wig, sweater cape, jacket, slacks, loafers and loads of jewelry at Savers to complete her outfit. 

Be sure to visit your local Savers for all of your Halloween needs including brand new costumes and Halloween decor!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; product sponsored by Savers