For over half of my life Mother's Day has been about celebrating my mom, but the past three years I have had the gift of being celebrated as a mom myself. It's such a special title and, what I believe to be the most important calling I have on my life. I teamed up with Shane Co. to create a perfect mom's day out because sometimes moms need to take off the mom hat and just be ourselves in order to be the best mom possible.

Motherhood can be a pretty thankless job for many years, but Shane Co. wants all moms to feel loved and celebrated. I don't think I knew all that my mom did for me until I stood in her shoes, and it makes me want to buy her all of the special things in the world and then some. haha! I was a pretty hard child, so I sure owe her.

I have two questions for you. What does your perfect Mother's Day look like, and what does your perfect Mother's Day gift look like?

For me, it would be a morning with my kids - snuggling, eating donuts and drinking warm coffee. Ya know, a lazy morning with nothing to do and no place to be except in bed. The second half of the day, however, I would want to get dressed up, eat delicious food and have a day out with my friends. That's exactly what Shane Co. treated me and two other mamas to at The Upton. Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire and Venessa Kaufman of We The Classy are two stylin' moms that know a thing or two about balancing work and motherhood. Definitely go check their blogs out! 

We sipped cocktails and at yummy bites while laughing about our kids, and we did it in style. We got to play dress up and wear the shiniest diamonds and most precious metals. It was like a fairytale. 

Alixandra Collections even provided us with some gorgeous garb. This silk floral blouse is SO me. I would wear it with jeans and dress it up with leather any day.

Thank you, Shane Co., for celebrating me and wanting to celebrate moms around the globe!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer