Implementation is always the hardest

So, I figured I should give you all an update on my status of pursuing my dream...I have everything pretty much done except for my project and apparently FIDM hasn't received my transcripts still. So, I need to check in on that and get my butt going on my project - the hardest part for me. I truly enjoy drawing and working on the admissions project for FIDM, but I definitely thought it was going to come more easily to me than it is. I find my perfectionistic self getting in the way of the enjoyment and eating me up to the point of discouragement. I truly am my own worst enemy.

Back in November, I went to an entrepreneurs conference. One of the biggest things I took away from the conference was that most people fail at starting their own company when they reach the point of implementation. Either they can't figure out how to implement their idea/dream or they discourage themselves from following through. Knowing how to finish my project isn't the question. It's thinking thinking the lies of "I don't stand a chance," "What the heck are you thinking," "There is so much competition out there. You'll never make it," and the list goes on.

As I write this, I'm just realizing how silly it is of me to even think those big picture thoughts when all I'm doing is finishing an application! Goodness. Anyhoo, there's some insight into my mind.

Anyone understand where I'm coming from? How did your pursuits of your goals turn out?