Do you remember friendship bracelets? I always felt so special when I was given half of a necklace from my best friend. Well, they have mother-daughter necklaces now, and they are the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Carrie Saxl Jewelry makes beautiful necklaces and bracelets in all different shapes and metals, so I got one for Elle as a gift to us both.

When I gave it to Elle she couldn't wait to wear it. Not only did it feel special to her because it was a gift from me but because it looked like mommy's jewelry. She hasn't wanted to take it off since.

Check out Carrie's shop for other designs and styles.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; Necklaces gifted to me for promotion.

Fringe & Tie-Dye


There are two things that are hot, hot trends right now and that's fringe and tie-dye. I put them both into one outfit, so does that mean I am a hot tamale?!!! haha!

Being pregnant makes my clothing options a bit limited since I have a bump to accommodate, but this high-low navy tie-dye dress from Alixandra Collections is just perfect. It still allows me to be trendy, and it's insanely comfortable since it's made of light-weight cotton.


I've also been accessorizing a lot more since I have to stick to more basic silhouettes these days. I wear rings, bracelets, AND a necklace almost every day. I love these chunky silver pieces from Alixandra Collections because they don't look like anything else that's out there right now. In my book, jewelry should always be unique and a conversation piece.


I'm not much of a handbag person. You can probably gather that from my outfit posts. If I buy a handbag it's because I really, really, really like it and I have to have it. This fringe, leather, metallic tote is AMAZING. It's the perfect bag for summer because it can easily be a beach bag or it can be a stylish carryall. I would even use it as a posh diaper bag come September. If you are looking for a glam bag this is it. No need to look further!

Clothing and accessories from Alixandra Collections; Photos by Liz E. Studio.

Happy Birthday | Stella & Dot Winner

It's weird to think that 26 years ago I was just a wee little thing with a giant head of hair and just cared about sleeping and eating. Now I care about God, my marriage, my family, my friends, my PR job, my budding biz, my Wendy-doodle, and still find time to eat and sleep in between. haha!

I feel SO blessed to be alive, breathing, dreaming and living in a country where I'm free to do it all...and guess what, guys? I have paying clients!!! That's is SUCH a HUGE, happy birthday gift. If you told me back in March when I went part-time at my PR job and moved forward with AVE Styles that I would have paying clients as soon as June, I would have stared at you speechless for an hour with nothing but a giant smile on my face. Well, the smile is definitely here, but there isn't any time to stare off into space because I'm busy as a bee. I've never been more thankful to be busy!

Many of you reading this have helped give me this birthday gift over the past several months. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Most of all, thanks be to God for bringing me into this world!

And now onto sharing this awesome bday with a reader......(drum roll)....

MORIAH SUNDE!!! Miss Moriah is going to stand out from all the other Minnesotans with this cute piece. Enjoy it, Moriah. We all expect some pictures!