One of the best pieces of parenting advice that was passed on to me was to get on the floor and play with your children daily. I'm constantly interacting with Elle and Levi throughout the day, but when I get down on their level, criss-cross applesauce it makes them feel like I am more of a playmate than mom in that moment. 

We love to wrestle, we love to play chase, and, lately, the kids have loved playing Legos. Levi does most of the demolition while Elle and I build towers and pretend we're Sophia with her Duplo Sofia the First Royal Castle set. Sometimes Elle just needs some one-on-one time with me, and we'll go play Legos in her room. It's such a good way for me to get to know her imagination and work with her on her fine motors skills at the same time.

Lego recently launch a partners in play campaign, and this video brought me to tears. It affirmed the advice that was given to me early on, and it has made me make playtime such an important priority as a mom. I highly recommend challenging yourself to become a partner in play.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer. Sofia the First Royal Castle was gifted to us. 


Playtime looks a lot different now that I am a mom of two kids. In partnership with Fisher-Price, I'm sharing with you how Elle, Levi and I all play together.

I'm always looking for games and toys that a three year old and a baby would both love because when we can all play together everyone is happy, especially this mama. The reality is there is only one of me and two of them, and if I'm playing with Levi sometimes Elle feels left out. Fisher-Price gave me the perfect solution with their 4-in-1 Step n Play Piano. Now we have jam sessions and dance parties together, and Elle feels included.

Elle has always shown nothing but love for Levi. She enjoys playing mommy and taking care of him. What has been hard for her during the transition to becoming a big sister is giving up the one-on-one playtime with me and Ryan that she has enjoyed for three years. 

When Levi was a newborn it was fairly easy to give her more attention because he slept a lot, but now Levi is six months old and starting to sit on his own. He can easily hold toys and loves to move. This has made playtime more of a challenge because they both need attention at the same time, but want to play with different toys. 

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step n Play Piano. is the perfect toy for our family right now because Elle thinks it's just as cool as Levi does. It's basically like a DJ station for kids. You can play a piano, tambourine, guitar and a turntable. The sounds of this toy aren't annoying like other toys. It actually has cool digitized beats like you would hear in a pop song. 


The seat turns and also slides up and down the center. It also grows with the kiddo by taking out the seat all together and making it a toy to help them learn to stand. It's safe to say we'll be using this toy for a long time.

Plus, you can take your music on the go by taking the mat, tambourine and microphone out of the stander and giving your little one a tummy time experience. Elle likes to add in dance moves with the tambourine, Levi makes the beats and I try my hardest to sing a good version of twinkle twinkle little star. Haha! That seriously what is going on in the picture above, but I can't say that I sound too great.

What has also been helpful with the transition is making time for mommy-daughter dates and daddy-daughter dates. Though they can't always have my undivided attention, I try really hard to still make myself available.

I'm happy to share that Fisher-Price would like to give a 4-in-1 Step n Play Piano to a lucky reader. To enter into the giveaway, please share any advice you have on how to help your kids play well together OR share why you need this amazing toy too in the comments below. I will choose a winner at random the end of the day on Friday at 5pm PST.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Creative Space

diy_wall_display_ideaThe interior design of the spaces in which you live and work play a huge part in your mood, productivity and creativity. I'm thankful for a great, contemporary space that I get to work in on a daily basis. It is a mix between historic and contemporary architecture with a lot of natural light coming through. However, there isn't much color here and it feels sterile at times. So, I got to thinking, what elements would I love to have in a design studio that would inspire creativity within fashion design? Here are some things that I love. I would say vibrant colors, contemporary pieces, lots of light and a touch of seanyooopus1glamor would be the 05.08.jollyelements to my modiss-lamp-elisabeth-glase-1creative studio.d89d1_LBL4837_l1073

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