Clean & Contemporary

There's something to be said about a clean, sleek, contemporary look that gives your smile, face and body a chance to steal the show. These days layers, mixing textures and patterns are very popular, so, to me, this inspiration board that I have created feels like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy!

Susan Bradley

CRP-ROSE-TUQSusan Bradley designs BEAUTIFUL, three dimensional, contemporary interior and exterior home accessories that can bring a nice "pop" to a drab home. Her pieces are very unique and innovative. Her company is based out of the U.K., but you can still purchase her work if you live in the U.S. I think I'm going to start saving my pennies for some of those shelves. =) CRP-IVY-OVERVIEWOW-JAP-BLKLOGRACKCRP-IVY-BLKOW-DAM-4N-DPOSCAR_RECTANGLECRP-ROSE-TUQOW-GND-FLUROOW-PAI-GLDCRP-ROSE-BLK

Creative Space

diy_wall_display_ideaThe interior design of the spaces in which you live and work play a huge part in your mood, productivity and creativity. I'm thankful for a great, contemporary space that I get to work in on a daily basis. It is a mix between historic and contemporary architecture with a lot of natural light coming through. However, there isn't much color here and it feels sterile at times. So, I got to thinking, what elements would I love to have in a design studio that would inspire creativity within fashion design? Here are some things that I love. I would say vibrant colors, contemporary pieces, lots of light and a touch of seanyooopus1glamor would be the 05.08.jollyelements to my modiss-lamp-elisabeth-glase-1creative studio.d89d1_LBL4837_l1073

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Contemporary Nursery

quotation-bookshelves2These days I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women. It's crazy! There has to be something in the water. Now, Ryan and I are no where near being ready to be parents, but I came across these cool pieces of contemporary decor and thought they would be super cool for a kid's room or nursery. I love contemporary design and bold colors. I'm not much of a traditionalist when it comes to the look of children's rooms.  Basically, pastel pinks, blues are not even a discussion point for me. So, these items would fit really well in a bright colored room...


CB2 - Contemporary Furniture

cb231Even before I began working with architects I have loved contemporary interior design. Like mother, like daughter they say...Growing up my mom has always incorporated contemporary furniture into our living spaces. When Ryan and I got married we got a load of amazing furniture from my parents because they couldn't fit it all in their new place, so naturally we have decorated our apartment accordingly. I wish CB2 had been around when we got married because we are in love with this store! Crate & Barrel started CB2 - a line of furnishings that's affordable and contemporary - two years ago. It's not as affordable as Ikea on some things, but the quality is definitely better and it's comparable to West Elm.

Make sure to sign up for their free catalogs if you like this style. Their sale prices are pretty good and we haven't had an issue with anything we've ordered (there isn't a CB2 in Phoenix). Here are some photos from their recent catalog and some items I love.moviesofaboothchairagrasu091teepeediningtableslimchairsc091